Who We Are

SKOFT Technologies is fast growing provider of high quality customer contact center services. We operate a customer contact center with more than 100 employees located at Hyderabad in India.

At SKOFT Technologies, we realize that at the center of every business is the customer. A truly Indian outsourcing company; we firmly believe that service delivery is more critical than customer acquisition. We are capable and our technology is par excellence.

Our key differentiators are our teams of professionals, a proven process transitioning methodology and facilities that beat world standards. We complement our strong global orientation with a thorough understanding of the Indian operating environment. We have the people who treat your customers the old-fashioned way with courtesy, friendliness and intelligence.

We allow your present and potential customers, to contact us in any manner and at any time that they choose. With, SKOFT your customers have unlimited access to your products or services.

Businesses no longer communicate only through the telephone. Today’s customer does not just want multiple points of contact (voice, chat, email) around the clock – they expect it!

SKOFT has responded to this demand by developing a multi channel communication solution that will give you an advantage over your competition. By providing live chat, and email management solutions, we can help you with anything from leveraging your marketing campaign to increasing online customer support. Since we understand the importance of each point of contact made with your customers, our professional call center agents undergo an extensive training process and a Sales and Customer Service Certification Course to ensure they understand your business and can drive campaign objectives. The end result is running a more efficient, reliable, and profitable business, while making your life a lot easier.

SKOFT is a leading provider of Business Process Outsourcing services to Top companies in the areas of Website Monitoring and customer care services. We have extensive experience in running world-class service operations in the Indian and global environment.