PHP & ASP Development

PHP application development enables the developers to seamlessly write dynamically generated webpages quickly. At the same time, such applications are remarkably powerful in taking the website to great heights of quality and performance. It is the core expertise of Skoft Technologies. Our team of expert PHP developers have successfully stood the test of technology, time, and up gradation, delivering professional services in custom PHP application development. From simple projects to more complex business requirements, we have designed and developed intuitive and interactive applications that best suit unique business requirements.

Skilled experience and proficiency in PHP and MySQL development
A custom PHP application development that gives an upper hand in every aspect of your business
Latest technologies like JQuery and HTML5 that ensures unique and robust PHP application development
Round the clock technical support from PHP developers
Comprehensive post development services including application installation, support, maintenance, and upgrade
Cost-effective yet quality and reliable solutions
Requires no licensing cost since PHP is an open source programming language; only minimal development costs are applicable
Quick turnaround time is one of the most popularly adopted web application frameworks today, particularly used to create XML web services, dynamic websites, and web applications. Hence, as a professional web developer, it is increasingly becoming significant to expand the learning and skills in application framework that is widely being adopted by some of the largest companies in the world. To speed off the power and productivity of the online businesses, these companies are engaging into effective website development, delivering dynamic and appealing websites with only fewer codes.

If you are planning to develop an website, you can perhaps use a solid, good code foundation to start off with it. Wouldn’t it be convenient and nice, if you get an entire gamut of website development services, with a few tweaks and latest customizations to build you a powerful and productive website? At Skoft Technologies, we offer a comprehensive set of website development services, standing out in the competition with our dedicated expert web developers and core capabilities that master in framework.

We offer easy and simple configuration settings, stored in XML-based files that can be manually readable or writable.
Our efficient programming offers multiple language support such as JavaScript and BVScript, or advanced programming languages like C#, .NET, or Visual Basic.
Unlike ASP classic pages that do not offer modularized code, our new application development process in implementation includes breaking the business logic codes from the complex presentation codes.
We offer browser-independent applications.
Our expert applications automatically detect the memory leaks and deadlocks so that you can use the application easily when you need.
Our website developers have facilitated simple deployment of application, just like any other HTML page.
Our dedicated application development services boosts scalability and performance.