At SKOFT, we don’t offer you a job! We offer you a career. Because at SKOFT, it’s ‘you’ who are the foundation of company’s success. Small wonder then, that here, the focus is on your professional and career needs and on building a long term working relationship with ‘you’.

So, if you are young, dynamic, career oriented, motivated and are looking for challenges plus the fun and excitement that comes along with all this, then SKOFT is your final destination.

By choosing SKOFT, you not only choose a truly Indian multinational but also a highly charged and motivating environment conducive for a perfect working life. And this can be seen in our host of HR practices.

Focused on ‘you’, our progressive HR practices include an employee referral scheme, which contributes one-third of our employees. Sports teams, bands, library committees, picnic teams, parties and cultural events involving families are an integral part of the SKOFT culture. A regular career development program allows you to grow laterally (e.g. from operations to quality or training) and vertically (through accelerated promotion programs based on merit). Besides, SKOFT provides an open culture where the senior management is always accessible through walk-ins and planned forums like the quarterly open house sessions. In addition to all this, infrastructure support through transport, cafeterias, recreation rooms come as a part and parcel of the SKOFT lifestyle.

If you are interested in working with Skoft, mail your resume to